Aurora Wood Workshop

Aurora Wood Workshop


The Aurora wood workshop at the Grange provides constructive occupation in a calm and creative environment. There is dignity in work and this workshop helps to provide these individuals with a sense of place and purpose. A range of simple products are produced for sale - many sharing the same 'making' processes. This variety enables everyone to make their contribution, it is a shared endeavour. The majority of the timber used is sourced directly from our own estate. The variety of wood types utilised adds character and interest to our stall. Our workshop is well equipped and we can tackle all sorts of projects; big and small. Please contact our Camphill Products Sales Team for further informations.

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Letter opener

Product no.: GAU.015

Hand-crafted Letter opener made from character hardwoods with a natural finish.

Size: c. 30-31cm


In stock

Jam Spoon

Product no.: GAU.013

Butter knife

Product no.: GAU.006
In stock

Springy Salad Server

Product no.: OAK.001

List Price

You save £3.81
In stock

Star candle holder

Product no.: GAU.010
In stock

Card holder L shaped

Product no.: GAU.004-001
In stock

Card holder P shaped

Product no.: GAU.004-002
In stock

Card holder M shaped

Product no.: GAU.004-003
In stock

Card holder S shaped

Product no.: GAU.004-004
In stock

Card holder C shaped

Product no.: GAU.004-005

Rocking Gnome

Product no.: GAU.016

A wooden Rocking Gnome (2 parts) Hand-crafted from character hardwood with a natural finish.

In stock

Heart shaped candle holder

Product no.: GAU.014

Christmas Tree Decoration Pack

Product no.: GAU.001-002
In stock

New Angel Candle Holder

Product no.: GAU.011
In stock

'Child on Sledge' Decoration, Natural

Product no.: GAU.003-002
In stock

Swallow Decoration, Natural

Product no.: GAU.002-001
In stock

'Child on Sledge' Decoration, Painted

Product no.: GAU.003-001
In stock

Swallow Decoration, Painted

Product no.: GAU.002-002
In stock