Metal Workshop N. Dee

Metal Workshop N. Dee


The Metal Workshop at Newton Dee has been making beautiful gift items in copper for many years. Customers from all over the world have purchased copper bells, candleholders, candlesnuffers, bracelets and bangles. The process of making each item involves more than one person. This enables everyone to use his or her individual skills and be included in one stage or another. One person hammers out a bell and someone else sands the base flat. Another person is planishing the pattern on the candleholders or using steel wool to make the rim really smooth. This also allows for variety in the working day. In the last few years we have added enamelled earrings and fused glass sun catchers and bowls to our product list. Each pair of earrings or glass item is unique, being hand-made and designed by one of the people in the workshop. The workshop also produces hand-cut Christmas tree signs in copper or brass. Earrings, fused glass and Christmas tree signs are available by contacting the workshop directly: Metal Workshop, Newton Dee Village, Bieldside, Aberdeen AB15 9DX (01224 869513).

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Brass Snuffer with wood handle

Product no.: NDM.009

Candle snuffer in brass with brass and wood handle. Each one is individuelly made, therefore variations will occur.

Total length: 30cm. Brass snuffer: cone 5.5cm, height 3cm

Handle brass: 11.5cm long, wood 13cm long.



Snuffer, Candle Holder Set

Product no.: NDM.006

The base is in two parts, wood and a copper tray. On top of the wood base is a circular copper candle holder with a brass spike. The copper snuffer sits on the tray.

Base: length 23cm, height 3cm, width 9.5cm. Snuffer (including handle): height 4cm, diameter 4cm. Candle holder: diameter 6cm.

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