A Living Physiology

A Living Physiology

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by Karl Koenig

Lectures and Essays, edited by Nicolas Blitz BSc. PhD. MB. ChB.

Essays on the Four Lower Senses, translated by Claus Sproll

Format: Softcover, 274 pages

Size: c.210 x 133 x 20mm

Published: 1st Edition 1999, 2nd Impression 2006           ISBN 1 897839 08 1

Through the spiritual research of Rudolf Steiner it has become possible to extend the boundaries of knowledge in many conventional fields of learning. Steiner always maintained that despite their novelty the insights of spiritual science (or 'anthroposophy' as complementing and extending the knowledge of natural science, and not in any sense as a competing alternative. It is therefore possible to enhance the orthodox viewpoint of materialistic science by considering the constitution of the human being in other ways as well.

Gathered in this volume are some of Koenig's seminal contributions in further developing Steiner's fundamental indications in human biology, in particular those on the four 'metereological' organs, the seven life processes and the physiology of the twelve senses. These lectures are complemented by others given elswhere on these subjects, as Koenig lectured widely on the 'diagnostic tools' of the polarity of epilepsy and hysteria, large- and small-headedness, and on threefoldness in relation to the human beeing comprising a nervesense system, a rhythmic system and a metabolic-limb system.

Despite the passage of time and advances in medical knowledge, these lectures remain a major contribution to an understanding of the image of the human being as expounded in Steiner's anthroposophy. The depth with which Koenig approaches this subject will provide invaluable research and study material for doctors, therapists and educators working in the fields of medicine, curative education and pedagogy.

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