Demeter Blackcurrants in Syrup

Demeter Blackcurrants in Syrup

Product no.: FDC.001

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A natural product made of Demeter certified Bio Dynamic fruit grown in Botton and organic sugar.

Over 700g of fresh Botton blackcurrants preserved in a light syrup laced with Utkins UK5 organic vodka. Presented in an attractive large Orcio jar. Perfect as a present!

Ideal for a large dinner party, serve as an alternative to Eton mess, instead the Botton Mess! mix with broken meringue and whipped cream for a decent and fruity delight! Can also be used as an impromptu dessert serve with ice cream. It will be sure to impress.

700ml glass jar.

Contains no artficial anything, so once opened store in the fridge.

We aim to preserve the freshness of the fruit so that you can enjoy our high quality products.

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