Rhubarb Cordial, Organic

Rhubarb Cordial, Organic

Product no.: FDC.104

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This is our second product we are delighted to announce (along with the blackcurrant and lavender jelly) to be awarded 1 star in the the Great Taste Awards 2017.

A natural product made of only Demeter certified Bio Dynamic fruit grown in Botton and organic sugar. When diluted each bottle makes at least 8-10 glasses depending on how strong you like it, so a little goes a long way. Use diluted as a hot or cold soft drink or undiluted for cocktails. Try also in your puddings and desserts as a natural flavouring/sweetener.

We aim to preserve the freshness of the fruit so that you can enjoy our high quality products.

Contains no preservatives or artificial additives, so once opened store in the fridge.

500ml glass bottles.

A beautiful blush pink cordial which is perfect in cocktails and mocktails. This product has a loyal fan base, so if you haven't tried before, you will be pleasantly surprised!


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