Dark Seville Orange Marmalade, Organic

Dark Seville Orange Marmalade, Organic

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After many requests for marmalade, we decided to give you what you wanted!

So we buy organic Seville oranges (as unfortunately they do not grow on the North Yorkshire Moors). We source our organic fruit from Ave Maria in Seville (who incidentally supply the top award winning marmalade producers!!) We add organic lemons, sugar and a bit of pectin to help with the set. The shred is of medium size, so hopefully just right. This recipe we cook for longer to achieve that darker more bitter taste for those that like their marmalade to put hairs on their chest! A lighter more golden marmalade is also available.

Contains no artficial anything, so once opened store in the fridge.

We aim to preserve the freshness of the fruit so that you can enjoy our high quality products.

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